Facebook is Makes a Move Towards Deeper Android Integration

facebookFacebook is a brand name that we all know and in some ways has become part of our lives whether we use the service or not. The social networking entity is making a move to become an even bigger part of our lives by pressing to integrate itself directly into our Android OS. This is a huge move by Facebook because it essentially will embed itself within the operating mechanics of your Android based mobile device. This will make the concept of “Facebook Updates” completely obsolete because instead of being “notified” that something has occurred we will now see the Facebook happenings directly. How Facebook intends to integrate itself into our beloved Android OS is still somewhat of a mystery but it has been postulated that we may see a Facebook Homepage on new HTC devices. HTC and Facebook have already grabbed attention last summer due to the rumors about a possible collaboration. Recently Facebook has lent credence to Last summer’s rumors by announcing that on April 4th we will have a chance to see their “new home on Android.” For the most part our mobile devices are social networking tools in themselves. It seems logical that Facebook would want to play a bigger role in how we use our mobile devices. We have seen the aggressive integration tactics that Facebook has already employed in the past. Our TVs and Cameras can now directly post to your Facebook account via apps built into device firmware. Now we are looking at a situation where Facebook is moving to take over operating systems themselves. Is this a good thing? We have all had moments when we step away from Facebook because we become overloaded by social networking interaction. We have all ignored messages and have chosen not to respond to emails and text messages. This direct OS integration will essentially make ignoring your social networking obligations even harder. With Facebook directly embedded into our Android OS we will no longer be “checking my Facebook.” Facebook will be there upfront and personal regardless of what you pick up your mobile device for. With Facebook integrated with the HTC Android OS we will see the birth of a new type of device that could very likely be called a “Mobile Facebook Device.” The question remains; is this a good thing?

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