Facebook has announced its new Messenger app that should be arriving shortly on the Android Market. The Facebook Messenger app is already available on the iPhone, so I don’t really see any reason why it should not be hitting the Android Market soon. Basically, Facebook Messenger is the Facebook Chat function ported for Android devices. It’s a no-frills, straight-out Facebook Chat application. In fact, the app seems too simple that I can’t help but wonder why Facebook did not just add it as a feature of the official Facebook Android app. Being a stand-alone Android app, Facebook Messenger allows you to message your friends whether they are in your Facebook or phone’s contacts. The app allows you to send messages to individual recipients or to a group of friends. And you can send those messages with just one click. What’s good about the messages that this app sends is that it goes right through your friend’s as notifications and texts, allowing your friend to get the message right away. Since Facebook Messenger is an extension of Facebook Messages, you’ll get to see all the conversations in one place. These include texts, chats, emails and messages whether you’re on your phone or on the web. Obviously, Facebook is gearing up this stand-alone Messenger app against Google+ which has the Huddle as one of its service. Google+ Huddle is also a simple messaging service which has similar function and simple interface. But then, it seems that Facebook Messenger will gain more traction among users especially since it has more userbase than Google+ right now. via [Facebook Blog]  

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