facebook-androidLast week Facebook put the word out about a media event related to Android and the rumors have been flying ever since. The latest comes from 9to5Google and says that Facebook Home may be the name of the new project, and it’s going to bring Facebook to the forefront on the operating system we all know and love. Yay?facebook.home-1 It was reported last week that Facebook was working on a tweaked version of the Android OS that would put Facebook smack dab into the middle of everything by integrating it into messaging, photos, and basically everything on your device that’s something you could share. It’s been long rumored that an actual Facebook phone was headed our way, and today is full of juicy news as AndroidPolice has gotten ahold of a system dump from the new device and have been able to break things down a bit. Going off info from their teardown it looks like the Facebook device isn’t going to blow you away with its specs, but it will be jam packed with Facebook features as it works to integrate Facebook Home into every facet of your life via your phone. It also appears as if Facebook Home will be released onto Google Play sometime in the near future as a launcher of sorts. As someone who loves technology, but hates the majority of social networking I could personally care less about a Facebook launcher, phone or anything with a share button with the exception of the Ps4’s new share feature… that one’s cool. I have no doubt that if and when the phone hits the streets it will probably sell well with the younger crowd, but I don’t see it becoming too popular with most Android users. We’ll know more about Facebook Home on April 4th, and we’ll keep you updated when the news breaks. Sources – 9to5Google, AndroidPolice

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