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Facebook's Android App get's updated to version 1.9.8

by On

The Facebook social media app for Android has been updated to version 1.9.8 and brings with it a few more improvements and features. With the new Facebook Android app update, you are now able to create new events straight from your Android smartphone, where as previously you could only view events you were already involved in. The photo uploading UI has also been improved in the latest update. The newest feature that could end up being used most, more than creating events comes in the messaging updates. It is possible to embed photos when sending messages but, it is also now possible to add emoji emoticons to your messages. Better still, you aren’t stuck with the 21 emotes that are available with the web version of Facebook. In total there are 206 emoji emoticons to choose from on the Facebook Android app and are split into three sections. The first section contains the majority of the emoticons, a total of 114 and focus around different facial emotes. The second section gives users the choice of various animal and plant emotes and has 57 in total. The third section is a miscellaneous selection really. There are event emotes, such as a Santa and Christmas tree, as well as a pumpkin. In the third section of emotes, containing 35 different ones there are also emotes for a burger, computer, phone and other bits and pieces. Despite the new features, the Android Facebook app is dubbed to still be behind the iOS version and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is disappointed with the Android Facebook app development and is reportedly ‘forcing’ the app developers to use the Android version to see how “subpar” it is compared to its iPhone and iPad equivalent. For example, the latest iOS Facebook app update ditches HTML5 interface. On top of that, some Android users are reportedly facing issues with the latest Facebook Android app update, with one user going as far as saying it no longer works on their new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. While others, like myself have had no issues since updating.