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Fake iPhone 5 launcher released on Android, most convincing yet

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While the majority of us undoubtedly love our Android smartphones, some of us may have a small pang of jealousy towards friends and family who have just picked up Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Maybe not necessarily because of the specifications or even the apps available on the iPhone that aren’t yet available on Android – although more and more games and apps are being ported over to Android. Perhaps it’s the interface of the iPhone you like, or you’re not happy with HTC Sense, or Samsung’s TouchWiz, or whoever your phone manufacturer is and their UI. Well for those who love the Android device but, wish their user interface was a bit more simple, a bit more iPhone like there is an “iPhone 5 launcher” available to download. There are many different launchers available on the Google Play store. Some improve upon the default UI on your phone, others imitate other manufacturer’s user interfaces so if you have a Samsung smartphone because of its specifications but, prefer HTC’s Sense, no problem there’s a look alike launcher. Likewise there are several different iPhone 5 look alike launchers lurking about. However the “Fake iPhone 5” launcher by “The Big Byte” is perhaps the most convincing one available and has been improved to feature the visuals of iOS 6. The launcher is free to download but, it is ad supported discreetly. Any icons on the launcher which don’t have a suitable app on the phone will launch an ad of recommended apps to download. For example clicking on iTunes will launch an ad but, the App store icon will launch Google Play and so on. The author of the app states that it works best on phones with Super AMOLED+ displays, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and Galaxy Nexus.