Fallen Tree Games releases Quell Memento for Android

quell.memento-androidFallen Tree Games first caught our attention with their puzzler Quell, and then they blew us away with Quell Reflect. Now they’re back with Quell Memento, and if you’re into puzzlers your free time is about to take a big hit. quell.memento-2Quell Memento follows the other two games in the series as you set out to work a series of puzzles in an old house. The gameplay stays the same as you’ll swipe to move your raindrop through each level, but a few things are different this time around. Quell Memento has a bit of a storyline that has you trying to help an elderly man piece together his memories. I’m not sure how deep the story goes yet, but it’s certainly a nice, unexpected touch. By the numbers, Quell Memento offers up 140 levels to go along with several bonus levels and hidden collectables. The Quell games are some of the best puzzle games around, and Quell Memento is just as strong as the previous two games. The difficulty level is just about right (as always), and it’s the type of game you can zone out to for hours. While I’ve only been able to play a handful of levels, I’ve really enjoyed the storyline thus far as well as the way it ties into the series. Needless to say, I highly recommend Quell Memento to anyone who enjoys a good puzzler, and it’ll only set you back $1.99 on the Amazon App Store.

Quell Memento

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