FBI is Using the Dark Side of the Force for Turning Your Android Smartphone Into a Surveillance Device


If you’re a frequent visitor of Android-Apps.com it’s a logical conclusion that you’re using some sort of a smart device running on Android OS. But what you probably don’t know is the fact that the FBI (and probably other Government agencies) is using your Android precious against you, without your knowledge and consent. This is not a conspiracy theory, just read along.

It’s now common knowledge that in the past,  FBI used black hat hacking methods for gathering evidence against suspects, like planting keyloggers on their computers/smartphones, also they used various methods for turning on the microphones in their mobile phones by remote, in order to listen to their conversations.

This was done via back doors already built into the device by the manufacturers or by other means I will not detail here, you can find all that stuff on the Internet.

You all know about computer viruses and spyware/malware, as a clear and present threat in the virtual life of everyone of us. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a very interesting episode in the “war against us” purported by the FBI, where it was revealed how the FBI uses malware for hacking into Android smartphones, in order to gather their owners private data.

They are doing these things by hiring black hat hackers (yes, they are hiring criminals) who are used to develop various hacking tools and malware, later used by the good people from the FBI for spying on you, me and everybody else for that matter, just take a look at the PRISM/NSA scandal.

It’s a very well known fact that the US Government is the largest buyer of computer malware in the world, as we speak. The FBI now owns a custom made port reader sofware which is used for intercepting the Internet metadata from your computer/mobile device in real time. Also, Big Brother (the US Government) is known to put pressure on all telecom companies for allowing them to install state of the art sniffers in their internal mainframes, in order to facilitate the Government’s (illegal) surveillance. And that also happened in the past, it’s a documented fact, see PRISM again.

Most of these methods are secret, but now and then, some of them surface and we can watch in awe the extent of the Governmental surveillance against its own citizens, everything made possible with taxpayers money.


This latest Android malware method  used by the FBI and revealed by the WSJ, is somehow different from the NSA-PRISM, because, it is claimed by the FBI, it is used only in the presence of a court order and on a case-by-case basis. Also, it’s used in order to fight child pornography, terrorism and stuff like that.

Obviously, if you choose to believe them.


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