Fieldrunners HD Comes Free from Amazon but not from the Android Market

As promised by game developer Subatomic Studios a couple of days ago, they are releasing the Fieldrunners HD today simultaneously on the Amazon App Store and Android Market. Interestingly, Amazon has allowed the game to be released as a free download from their App Store while the game will be priced $1 from the Android Market. Although the game is available for free from Amazon, it will however be good only for today.  By tomorrow, the game will be available for $1 as well. In a press release issued today, Subatomic Studios said that they really want to offer their game for free even if for just a day. But the Android Market policy prohibits games or apps which are really priced to be released for free. So, the game developer had no choice but to offer the app with the $1 price. It’s a good thing that Subatomic Studios was able to negotiate with Amazon to have their game be featured as the Android app of the day, hence it’s free to download only for today. But then, $1 is not really a big price to pay, especially for an Android game such as Fieldrunners. The game after all is well praised when it came out for the iPhone. For its Android iteration, this Tower Defense game features charming visual style with high-definition graphics, 7 awesome weapons, more than 400 levels across 4 unique battlefields, several different modes, challenges, and achievements, well-balanced and addictive gameplay, and well selected music background. Unfortunately, the game is not yet optimized for Android tablets but Subatomic Studios promises that the game will be updated to suit the preferences of most Android tablets. You can download game from the Android Market or from the Amazon App Store for Android.  

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