There’s a new Tower Defense coming to the Market, and it’s called Fieldrunners HD. You may have heard of Fieldrunners before, as it was previously released for the iPhone, iPad, DSI, and PSP. This Thursday Subatomic Studios is bringing an exclusive updated HD version of the popular game to Android, and they’re going to have it priced at a discount for the first 24 hours. They had originally planned to release it for free for the first 24 hours, but couldn’t do it in the Android market due to the market’s policies on changing free apps to paid. It may be released for free (for a day) through another outlet like Amazon or Getjar, but nothings concrete at this time; we will update you if that changes. After the sale is over, you’ll still be able to pick it up at its normal price of $2.99. Either way, I’m looking forward to playing this as I’m a big fan of Tower Defense games, and you can bet there will be a full review up Thursday. Check out the screenshot below and you’ll get a bit of an idea what to expect graphically from Fieldrunners HD.

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