Fight Hippos and Crush Castles in Battle Cats for Android

Battle Cats is a bizarre capture the castle game from Ponos that pits cats against their eternal canine nemesis along with the sleeping people of Japan and some really mean hippos. Yes, you just read that correctly and the Japanese are helpless because Battle Cats are so darned cute. Welcome to Battle Cats for Android…battle cats for androidThe premise behind Battle Cats is simple; you send your cat army towards the dog’s castle as they send their troops towards yours. The first side that takes out the others castle wins, and as you’d expect it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just dogs that are on the attack either, in the first few levels I’ve also had to take down mobs of angry stick men, snakes, and a castle demolishing hippo of sorts. The monstrous hippo is beyond tough and has annihilated me about a dozen times on the 7th level. You get a nice surprise once you get past him though so it’s well worth the frustration. If things get to too tough Ponos gives you an out with the mystical cat god. He’s very helpful and has 4 mystical powers, but you’ll have to feed him cat food to gain his favor and that cat food is the game’s form of in-game currency although you can snag some for free by doing Tapjoy god battle cat Battle Cats is bizarre, challenging, and a whole lotta’ fun. My only real concern so far is depth as I’m not sure how many levels there are, but I’m hoping there are a lot of them because the game has been a blast so far. I’ll have a full review of this bad boy next week, until then I highly advise you to check it out Battle Cats for Android if you’re in the mood for some quirky fun.

Battle Cats


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