Fight Pollution with Exhaust Thing for Android

I love stumbling across great new Android games, and such is the case for a game called Exhaust Thing by FencingFleas. Exhaust Thing is a game that lets you fight the evil menace known as pollution, and it’s also a whole lotta’ fun if you dig tap-and-destroy style games. I’ll start this off by saying pop your knuckles and prepare for battle before picking up Exhaust Thing, as it can get a little exhausting. You goal in the game is to wipe out pollution before it eats through our ozone layer, and you’ll take out said pollution by simply touching it with your finger. Sound Easy? Well we fooled ya’ because you’re going to have to constantly scroll the map while trying to stop the exhaust. The way it’s put together works well, is surprisingly tricky and very addictive once you get rolling. You will get a few powerups to help you out along the way; I noticed health and some sort of whirlwind type thing, but there seems to be 6 powerups in all. They’ve also got Openfeint so all you scoring and achievement junkies should be happy.


After only playing Exhaust Thing for around 30 minutes, the game has me thoroughly hooked and I know others will feel the same way. Tap-to-Destroy games are a dime a dozen, but Exhaust Things puts a circular spin on things and keeps it fresh with the powerups as well. The game won’t repair the ozone layer, but it is a lot of fun and the folks at FencingFleas have proved you can make saving the planet an enjoyable experience through gaming. If you dig quick play games or are looking to try something different I highly recommend checking this one out. You can pick up Exhaust Thing on Google Play for free.  

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