Everyone likes cool gear whether it’s the latest gadget or funky home décor. If you’re into everything cool there’s an Android app you’ll want to check out called Fancy from thingd. Fancy is kind of a cross between a magazine, blog and social media tool. The app allows you to browse for all sorts of cool swag and it’s all broken down nicely into categories like kids, pets, gadgets, art, food, and crafts just to name a few. Basically if you’re want to look for a jacket, an art print or a soap dispenser chances are you can find it. You can really find some cool stuff out there and it’s not your typical kind of gear either. A few things that stuck out to me where Facebook connected clothes hangers, dermal implant iPod magnets, dog dragon hoodie, and instant drunk quantum sensation spray. When you find something you like you can “fancy” it, leave comments, share with your friends or straight out buy it in some cases.


Fancy is a very cool app that’s full of killer gear, décor, and about anything else you can think of. It’s basically like kind of like stumbleupon, but for cool things instead of cool sites. The app itself is visually stunning (looks great on a tablet) and is very easy to use; you also have the option to use your Facebook, twitter or fancy account. If you do a lot of window shopping or just want to find & share cool gear you’ll definitely want to check out Fancy. You can find the Fancy Android app on Google Play for free.

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