Magic. It’s pretty useful stuff as it can allow you to do things like cast spells, mix potions and even play a little Quidditch if you’ve got the right broom. Magic can also be used in Android Apps like the new one called CloudMagic that lets you find stuff in seconds from your desktop or mobile device. This handy little app lets you easily search for things across Twitter and all the G- Services you use like Gmail, Google Apps, Docs and your contacts. It lets you quickly find the information you need all in one place, and you can do it from your Android device or Desktop. CloudMagic has a nice homescreen widget, supports voice search and also lets you preview and take a few common actions like re-tweeting or replying. One feature I especially liked was the “partial search” function that lets you find information just by typing the first few letters of the info you’re trying to find.


The CloudMagic Android App is easy to use and it allows you to quickly access info on the fly which is always nice. You will have to sign-up for a free account, but it’s a quick and painless process that can be done from within the app. You can check out the CloudMagic Android App for free in the Android Market.

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