Finding Ways to Save (Make) Money

how to make moneyWith all of the commotion occurring in the private sector regarding minimum wage laws, rising healthcare costs, and other mandatory benefits, the reality is workers are becoming more expensive. While you don’t necessarily want to reduce your workforce or downsize altogether, you do need to find ways to minimize costs to stay competitive in this new business landscape. That is why you should start embracing ways to get ahead by thinking smarter and not just harder.


Excel At Processes

The old mindset of just doing enough to get by should never be uttered by a corporate manager or by an entrepreneur. The fact is if you are providing a good or service, then individuals are expecting as much bang for their buck as they can. It is for this reason alone that you should always be looking to get ahead in every phase of the operation. Even something as simple as slashing a few seconds from a daily process can add up to enormous amounts of cost and efficiency being saved.
According to Network World, one of the biggest trends currently going on is the ability to save seconds. It isn’t about just being convenient for employees, but rather it is knowing they have a limited resource on their hands. That resource is time, and no matter how hard anyone works they cannot extend their time in a given workday. The answer to this problem is to simply figure out where precious seconds are wasted throughout the day and then come up with a solution to capture those seconds. Something as simple as scanning barcodes for organization purposes and tracking efficiency instead of manually cataloging items can save countless hours. Simplifying ordering processes and creating rules for when to take action might take time up front, but it also means you can remove the decision making for every point in the future.

Being On Call

One of the hardest things for any member of any organization to do is to have open lines of communication. The truth is you cannot make decisions that will grow the organization and move it along the right path without having everyone on the same page. After all, if everyone is pulling in a different direction, then the company will go nowhere and will only be stretched thin. That’s exactly why companies are starting to become more efficient with their corporate video conferencing with BlueJeans and are counting on the technology to always have meetings available.

It isn’t just the fact that people are more likely to ask questions, double check, or even share new ideas when it comes to always having an open-door policy, but that is a great start. One of the biggest benefits is just the simple idea of providing a convenient means of communication for every employee to talk face to face with each and every other employee within the organization at any time. All of this can be done with only the push of a button, and because mobile devices are also capable of using this new video conferencing convenience, it means questions are answered, and directives are verified within seconds. The days of waiting for someone to respond via email with time delays and ambiguity are gone thanks to instant communications.

Cut Out Bad Habits

As silly as something like ergonomics was a decade or two ago, it has become a hot topic issue within the workforce. It is also one of the best ways to make employees more productive according to Lifehack. However, while making sure employees have the right posture is a great idea, you should also consider the other habits your employees do or do not have and how those habits could impact productivity.

Some organizations have gym membership discounts or even gyms onsite, but the real incentive could be cutting insurance premiums for employees if they meet certain fitness standards. Another idea could be providing healthier snacks and meals at the corporate cafeteria in order to have healthier employees who can be far more productive. The reality is healthier workers provide better (and more productive) work. That’s why companies who want to get ahead are starting to add in the little perks in order to nudge employees into better performance.
Regardless of which method(s) you decide to take for your organization to get ahead, the truth is you can capture more efficiency each and every day simply by thinking outside of the box and examining your current corporate processes on a daily basis. There will be chances to get ahead and squeeze out even more profits, but if you embrace strategies which help your employees to feel better at work, then you can have a workforce full of people who want to go the distance with you.

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