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Fine Volume Control v2 now available in the Android Market

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Volume control is one of the few gripes I’ve experienced with any cell phone I’ve owned. You either can’t get it loud enough, it’s too loud or it’s difficult to adjust the volume of certain things separately. Fine Volume Control 2.0 by Opotech is set to help folks out in a few of those areas by allowing you to change the volume in 1% increments. It won’t make your phone any louder, but the features listed below will certainly make life easier…

  • 100 volume stages instead of 15
  • System volume dialog replacement
  • Option to disable overlay in certain apps (e.g. games or alarm clocks)
  • 5 dial colors & dialog visual styles
  • Fully customizable dial size & sensitivity
  • Works with headphones
  • Launcher icon that brings up the dial overlay

This is a very cool app to have if you have difficulty finding the right volume settings for your phone; the dials look great and are easy to use as well.  You can try the Full version of Fine Volume Control v2 for 24 hours as a fully functioning app, after that you’ll need to purchase the unlocker for $1.99. Fine Volume Control v2