jolla smartphone The first Jolla smartphone was officially announced and it will be available “online only”  for €399 at the end of the year. The smartphone comes from a Finish company, which harbors ex-Nokia employees and it uses a custom made Operating System, called Sailfish. Sailfish has close ties with Nokia’s  Symbian and MeeGo OS, the platform abandoned by Nokia back in 2011, in favor of Windows Phone. The nickname of the smartphone is “The Other Half”, an allusion to Nokia’s kinship, at least that’s what I think. Sailfish is officially supporting Android Apps, which is as good as it gets, I always enjoyed Symbian and MeeGo, so a device running on Symbian/MeeGo and supporting Android apps is the best of both worlds, in my humble opinion. Jolla’s specs are not yet fully disclosed to the general public, what we know is that it sports a 4.5 inches wide display and a 8 Megapixels shooter, it has 16 GB of internal storage and a micro SD card expansion slot. The OS is powered by a dual core CPU and the phone has a “4g” modem, meaning that it’s LTE compatible, and that’s all we know until now. The battery is user replaceable, the phone snaps in two pieces, giving you access to the power-plant. Jolla comes in a multitude of colors, like green, light blue, white and orange, featuring interchangeable back covers, just like the old school Nokia phones. It seems to be designed to target the younger audience. A cool thing about the “Xpress Covers”, sort of speak, is that Jolla’s OS will recognize the color of the cover and it will adjust the theme of the User Interface accordingly. Jolla’s founders left Nokia in 2011 and started their own company, building a custom made OS in order to fight on an over saturated market with rivals like iOS and Android, not to mention Windows Phone. The brilliant idea of creating a Symbian based OS fully compatible with the huge Android App ecosystem may seem like a recipe for success, only time will tell if they were right.   Source: Jolla      

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