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Flare Games releases Royal Revolt! for Android

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Whether you’re attacking or defending, games involving Castles are always a good time. Flare Games Royal Revolt! is one of the newest Castle games out, but defense is just an afterthought as it’s all about the offense this time around. Royal Revolt! is a simple, but challenging game that revolves around a young Prince who’s out to get his Castles back. You’ll accomplish this by sending your forces towards the Castle, but as you’d expect it’s not going to be all that easy as you’re going to have troops coming your way.  Incoming forces are just one thing you’ll have to deal with though, you’re also have to disarm traps and deal with barricades that have been placed along the path. Royal Revolt! has several different types of upgradable units and you’ll get to use some mystical powers as well because every good Castle game needs a bit of magic. The game has 30 castles to take down, and I assume they span a few different areas as the first part of the map only shows 11 levels. I wasn’t sure what to think of Royal Revolt! at first, but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise and another great game from the team at Flare Games. The graphics are great and the way you send your troops into the fray is as simple as dragging your finger. If you dig Castle attacking games you’ll definitely like Royal Revolt! and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.