One of my absolute favorite games of the past few years has been the overlooked gem known as Pollushot. My only gripe about the game was that it was way too short, but that issue was rectified when Dumb and Fat Games released the sequel dubbed Sling It! Sling It! aka Pollushot 2 is a game about flinging debris at your enemies which just happen to be Pollutnik robots. These nasty robots fly through the skies spitting out smoke and dropping debris. Just like in Pollushot, you’ll want to scoop up the debris and sling it back towards their ships. While the gameplay is the same, quite a bit has changed as Sling It now has a shop full of upgrades to assist you in the game. You can now buy shots, powers, levels, and change the color of your slingshot. I’m not sure how many levels/rounds there are yet, but there are 4 different areas and each has a set number of rounds. Sling It is a great quick play game and a worthy successor to Pollushot. The publisher may be different, but a lot of the same folks worked on both games and it shows in the look and feel of Sling It. If you enjoyed the original or are looking for something new Sling It! is definitely worth checking out. There’s a free version you can try while the full version will only set you back $1.99.

Sling It!

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