Flipboard app sneaks into Android unofficially

When Samsung announced the Galaxy SIII, one of the things or apps that caught the attention many was Flipboard mobile app running on it. Flipboard in case you’re not aware is a very popular news reader app which was released for the iPad. For its Android iteration, it was mentioned that Flipboard will become available exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Well, at least for a couple of months. That’s not the case anymore today. If you can’t wait that long until the exclusivity to Galaxy S III expires, you can download the app right now on your Android smartphone. Thanks to the kind folks from XDA-Developers forum, the Flipboard .apk was shared and is probably enjoying tons of downloads as we speak. Despite being unofficial, the Flipboard app runs smoothly as a butter on my Galaxy Note. The swipe gesture runs smoothly and news headlines have those large images that will entice you to read news items. To install the app on your Android devices, make sure that you turn on the “Allow installation of non-Market apps” on your device’s settings. After that, install the app and enjoy using Flipboard for Android. You’ll thank us for telling you about it. It’s a pretty good Android app. Flipboard for Android apk download link

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