Flock photo sharing Android app released on Google Play store

Flock for Android Released today on the Google Play store is social photo sharing app, Flock. Previously available for iOS only, Flock Android app lets you see pictures that others have taken at a particular event. Take note that photos that your friends have taken using any camera app on their Android device will be automatically shared to you. You or your friends don’t need to do anything to share photos, they are automatically shared to your friends. Given that, it’s a must that you and your friends both have Flock Android app running on your devices. Flock Android app supports Facebook Connect. This means that photo sharing will be limited to those you are Facebook friends with. The app runs in the background and automatically checks the images that you are taking and that are being saved to your Android device’s gallery. Flock also notifies you when you have photos to share. Flock Android app is available now from the Google Play store. It supports Android devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later. Via [Google Play]

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