Google Play is flooded with endless runners, jumping games, and even a few falling games. Pirates: Captain Clumsy falls into the latter category as you’ll take control of a clumsy captain with an extreme dislike of seagulls. Captain Clumsy is the tale of a pirate that was set for retirement until he loses his booty. Needless to say the captain can’t live without his gold so he jumps after it and it’s your job to control him as he free falls through some very tricky levels. Controlling Captain Clumsy is easy as you simple need to press right or left of the screen to send him in that direction. The Captain is almost indestructible as he can handle being shot from cannons and bounced off masts, but if you hit too many seagulls you’ll meet your demise. Captain Clumsy offers up around 26 levels of free falling fun and there’s even  a shop where you can spend your hard earned loot on handy power-ups. Pirates: Captain Clumsy is a cool little game that’s good for a quick play when you’re out and about. I’ve only fallen through a handful of levels, but it’s been quite a bit of fun thus far and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the Clumsy Pirate Captain. If you want to give it a try you can pick up Cute Attack Games Pirates: Captain Clumsy for free on Google Play.

Pirates: Captain Clumsy

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