The Spookening for AndroidThere are several spooky Android Games floating about on Google Play, but a new one by the name of The Spookening has quickly become a personal favorite. It gives you a taste of what life might be like as a ghost, and it’s pretty Spooktacular…the spookeningThe Spookening is a 3D puzzler that lets you play a ghost with a penchant for scaring people. The ghoulish hero of The Spookening is named Herman, a ghost with the power of temporary resurrection. Each stage requires you to scare people, and collect their souls until you have enough “soul power” to bring your body back to life. It’s a simple premise, but it’s made difficult when you take into account the death timer, and the soul suckers that can steal your energy. You can literally scare someone to death, and if you do their spirit will come after you and suck your soul meter dry. The Spooking also lets you haunt objects, and each of the stages has a nice little story about how you met your demise. I stumbled across The Spookening late last night, and had a blast haunting trees and trucks while lurking about in the shadows. I’ve only played through a handful of levels in the free version, but will report back once I see what the full version has to offer. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Modesty’s The Spookening Free or jump straight to the full version for $2.32.

The Spookening

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