Frozax Games releases Don't Feed The Trolls for Android

The Bears are very hungry, but so are the Trolls. That’s the premise behind a new Android game from Frozax Games called Don’t Feed the Trolls which lets you fed some friendly bears while putting the smack down on groups of nasty trolls. The concept behind Don’t Feed the Trolls is a simple one as you just need to keep the bears fed, and keep the trolls beat down. Any time you see a bear pop up onto the screen you simply need to tap it to feed it. If you see a troll you’ll want to slice it ala Fruit Ninja or just leave it alone. You’ll do this for a set amount of time per level, and you’ll only lose if you feed 3 trolls or miss feeding 10 bears.  There are also many different kinds of bears & trolls including the ever so sneaky “bear mask” wearing troll. Don’t feed the Trolls has 4 different modes of play with Classic, Time Attack, Slap Party, and Versus. You actually only get two modes – Classic & Time Attack with the “free” version of the game and can pick up the others by unlocking the full game. As for the extras, there looks to be around 20 achievements and each mode has its own leaderboards so you check your scores online to see who the best troll smacker around is.


Don’t Feed the Trolls is a likeable quick-play game, especially if you’re into bears & trolls. It’s a very simple game to pick up and play, but still manages to remain challenging with its Whack-a-mole style of gameplay. The free version of the game gives you two modes of play and around 30 levels while the full version gives you 4 modes and kills the ads for $0.99. If you want to feed a few bears or smack a few trolls you can pick up Frozax’s Don’t Feed the Trolls on Google Play.

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