G.I. JOE Battleground hits Google Play with a limited release

GI.JOE.battleground-androidEarlier this week it was announced that Mobage & DeNA would team up with Hasbro to released new games based on Dungeons & Dragons and G.I. Joe. Last night the first of those games hit Google Play as a limited release, and if you’re one of the lucky few, you can now download G.I. Joe: Battleground on your favorite Android device. gi.joe-1G.I. JOE Battleground is a card battling game based of the classic 80s cartoon – not the terrible new movies. Well, the movies aren’t that bad, but as a child of the 80s I’m biased. The game will let you build an elite team from scratch, and you’ll be able to play as G.I. Joe or Cobra using over 100 different characters from the G.I. Joe universe. While we haven’t gone hands-on with the game, it looks to be similar to Blood Brothers and Mobage’s other TCG’s so there shouldn’t be a learning curve if you’re familiar with the setup. I’m a huge G.I. Joe fan, and even managed to hang on to my original Storm Shadow (with swords & chucks) from the 80s. While the words G.I. Joe & Mobage make me cringe a bit, the game has the potential to be huge if handled correctly. The most interesting part of the game to me is the fact that they are going to go old-school and try to include every character that ever had an action figure. This means you should see Chuckles and Jinx right there alongside Duke, Cobra Commander, and Destro. baroness.joe-1We don’t know when G.I. JOE Battleground will see a global release, but it’s nice to see things moving along fast with a soft launch a week after the news hit the web. There’s little to no information out there right now about G.I. JOE Battleground going live, but it seems to be available to folks in Thailand along with a few other regions. If you’re lucky enough to have played the game leave us a comment and let us know what you think. If you can’t access the game yet, you can hit up this link and sign-up to be notified when the game is released. G.I. JOE Battleground

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