There aren’t many Western themed Android games out there, but a new one recently popped up on Google Play in the form of Oddland from G4M3 Studios. Oddland isn’t your typical kind of Western game either; the game does have a strong Western theme, but is actually set in a post-apocalyptic future.    Oddland lets you step into the role of a gunslinger that’s out to stop criminals by any means necessary. You’ll have to take on bandits in duels, save hostages, and beat down bosses – you’ll also get to play a little Odd 23 to earn some extra cash. The layout of the game is interesting as well as you do missions in territories but have to “corner” a boss into one in order to fight them.  Oddland does have some RPG elements, but it’s really all about the gunplay and there’s plenty of that with 20+ territories & 5 faction bosses in campaign mode. The game has a few other modes of play as well and there’s an online mode that lets you shoot it out with folks online. I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with Oddland, but it’s an interesting shooter to say the least. The game has a cool style and the gunfights are a blast although the controls do take some getting used to. As I’m a big fan of Western games they’ll be a full review of this one next week, until then you can check out G4M3 Studios Oddland for free on Google Play.


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