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Galaxy Fonblet a 5.8 inch smartphone

by On

Samsung is churning out rumors like there is no tomorrow, we can hardly keep up. Latest among the leaks is Galaxy Fonblet, a 5.8 inch smartphone with high emphasis on media playing capabilities. The Korean company is not looking to miss any kind of customer interests this year. SamMobile has also been really busy give us limps what Samsung might be up to, first came the news of Galaxy XCover 2, then a potential Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet an now we have Galaxy Fonblet. The Galaxy Fonblet is also codenamed GT-I9152 and is said to have superior media playing capabilities. The phone will also have front facing speakers which will keep many media junkies happy. Before you dismiss this piece of information as a farfetched rumor, we have to point out that Samsung indeed trademarked the word “Fonblet” back in December last year. So there is a high possibility that this might be a device under works. The Galaxy Fonblet is said to be very similar to the Galaxy Player 5.8 which is currently on sale in South Korea, says a trusted “insider”. The Galaxy Fonblet will feature a 5.8 (gasp) screen, might support dual SIMs gauging from the code of the device. SamMobile reckons that the Galaxy Fonblet will be coming to Europe in Pebble White color and will ultimately share many similarities with the Galaxy Player 5.8. This move might come off as a strange one from Samsung, especially considering that the Galaxy Player 5.8 has a qHD resolution, a far cry from where the industry is headed. The Player also has a very low pixel density. But we might be wrong as Samsung has been pulling off strange yet successful moves (Galaxy Note is a fine example), and strange and utterly strange moves too (Galaxy S2 Plus). We will keep you updated regarding the Galaxy Fonblet rumors.