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Galaxy Note being served Jelly Bean along with the perks

by On

It has been a while since the original Galaxy Note got some sweet attention from Samsung. The mother company of the innovative and unique Galaxy Note doled out Android 4.0 and TouchWiz apps on the phone back in spring. After that there were rumors about the phablet being upgraded with Jelly Bean too. Today Samsung has officially confirmed that the Galaxy Note will be getting the second premium suite upgrade, bringing the old smartphone up to the ranks of Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Samsung’s micro site states via a new entry that the premium suit will contain an inevitable upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update was long due for the not so ancient phablet, but upgrading the latest phones seemed to be top on the list of Samsung. Along with Jelly Bean the phone will be getting Multi-window support which utilizes the large screen to display 2 applications simultaneously, although only native and some 3rd party apps are supported by the feature. This multi-window feature does come in handy while taking notes and copy pasting content from the internet to other applications such as messaging and emails. Pop-up video, browser and note apps will also be included brining the exciting features to the loyal customers. Photo Note, Photo Frame, easy clip, paper artist and the latest S Planner and email apps will also be arriving shortly on Galaxy Note. There were many leaks regarding the upgradation of the smartphone, which led us to believe that Samsung will not abandon the previous iteration of the Galaxy Note series. There is no word when the update will start rolling out though but we suspect it will be soon as Android 4.1.2 updates are already being delivered to other devices. Samsung wouldn’t want to keep the customers of Galaxy Note waiting much longer.