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Galaxy S IV beats iPhone 5 in benchmark

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The Samsung Galaxy S IV is one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year, many are impatiently waiting for the official reveal. The Samsung Galaxy S IV has seen numerous spec and photo leaks and we are still miles away from learning what the device will actually look like. That aside, the yet to be official smartphone has already popped up at Browsermark 2.0 browser benchmark, and it is on the top. A device code named GT-I9500, which is well known as model number for the Samsung Galaxy S IV has been spotted in the aforementioned benchmark. The device is running Build JOP40D (a.k.a Android 4.2.1) and Mobile Google Chrome 25, and it managed to score 2710 in testing and beating each and every smartphone out there. Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 score was: 2710 Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 browser is superior to 99% of all Phone browsers This all came from RightWire, which posted the results for Samsung Galaxy S IV on its power Board. The Samsung Galaxy S IV is clearly at the top, beating the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2. While the test seems to be the real deal, we don’t expect Samsung to come forward to admit that. Obviously if the test is indeed true, Samsung will be planning another benchmarks to showcase the power at the launch event. We will just have to wait until the smartphone is actually release and try to duplicate the results just to be sure. While this is all good, the fact that a quad core (octa core?) device is just barely beating the dual core touting iPhone is a bit saddening. Still we are excited about the Samsung Galaxy S IV and are waiting for the unveiling on March 14. We will update if something more comes out.