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Galaxy S IV is just another SIII?

by On

Samsung is teasing its fans by releasing weird and bizarre teaser trailers for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The latest of the ads shows a smartphone and as the campaign is for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV, we are going to assume that the phone shown in exactly that. A good thing about the teaser ad is that it is actually revealing something about the aforementioned smartphone; the previous trailers were alarmingly devoid of any actual details. The bad thing is the phone shown in the picture looks remarkably like the Galaxy S III. Remember yesterday when we reported about the Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV? And we stated that Samsung may not go down the “curved” path? Well if the picture is any indication Samsung is indeed going to keep the iconic rounded figure for the next flagship device. This maybe great news for many, but for others (like us) who were hoping that Samsung did something new and fresh, this may not be as good as we initially thought. The picture in question seems to be precisely from the Galaxy S III, the shape is almost 100% the same and the volume rocker is also at the very exact spot. Although Samsung just might be throwing us all off, after all renaming the Galaxy SIII to Samsung Galaxy S IV might be the most ridiculous move in recent history. We suspect that Samsung is indeed trolling and wants us to be genuinely surprised when it reveals the real deal. The major give away is the lack of ear piece in the posted picture. Inspired by nature or what not, fans demand change and Samsung is not going to dismiss fans wishes, that’s just not the way the Korean manufacturer rolls.  Rest assured in only a couple of days we will get to see the actual Samsung Galaxy S IV, that will settle if we are going to purchase the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Source – Facebook