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Galaxy S IV new TouchWiz UI shown in leaked caps

by On

Just as we were going to rest our pens (keyboards if you are picky), a latest Samsung Galaxy S IV leak emerges. This particular leak shows the latest revamped Samsung’s TouchWiz User Interface and to be honest it is not radically different than the one we are concretely familiar with. There is only just over a week left from the grand reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and yet here we are staring at the UI itself. As we are all know, the leaks near the release are either very true to reality or insanely wrong, so take this leak with a pinch of salt, as usual. The latest batch of images does seem to have a credible source, so we are inclined to believe them a little more. GSM Israel states that it has obtained some screen shots of the U.S. model of Samsung Galaxy S IV. We suspect that the shots are from the AT&T model, by the looks of the 4G icon. Also they insist that the images are from a very reliable source. Now let’s examine the images a bit more closely, well apart from a slightly modified look the UI sharply resembles the current TouchWiz. The icons are a little bug updated, with a 3D-ish look, and the settings menu looks a bit streamlined. The most eye catching and aesthetically interesting addition is the transparence of the notification bar. The solid opaque black bar usually kills the look you are aiming for and this is major reason I use 3rd part launchers. The transparence will make the notification bar more camouflaged with the background. The usual Smart Scroll options are also listed, just like the previous leak confirmed. The leaked shots also confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will come with 1.8 GHz quad core processor, a 5-inch 1080p screen and a 13 MP camera. When all is said and done we will know what the real deal is on 14th of March. Source – GSM Isreal