Galaxy S IV Smart Scroll confirmed in leaked shots

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to be announced officially in less than 10 days’ time and we are still getting a ton of rumors regarding the much awaited device. The latest leak from SamMobile is in regards to the Galaxy S IV Smart Scroll feature. This will let Samsung Galaxy S IV users to scroll down articles just with the power of their sight. The tech will basically keep track of your eyeballs and when they are pointing towards the end of the page, BAM it scrolls the page down. The screen shots clearly show the listed options for the innovative feature. The speed of scrolling in Smart screen is there, acceleration determines how fast the actual scrolling is done. It might cause nausea if you go too fast though. And if you want to enable Smart Scroll for any specific app, let’s say Google Chrome, you can also do that. This is a much fleshed out feature and we have high hopes regarding its working. Another interesting feature is the Smart pause, which will pause any running video if you turn your head away from the screen, very helpful if you are eating cereal and watching a video. Now with every bite you won’t  miss the action. While this is a very nice idea, but we all know it will be a lot glitch upon release. Especially if you happen to wear glasses like me and are don’t bother to clean them every 15 minutes. While the Smart Stay feature in the Galaxy S III is great, it is a lot of hits and misses for me. Although it must be me as many other users are perfectly fine with it. The Samsung Galaxy S IV may get this new feature, which is highly likely because Samsung is always fond of adding these kinds of bells and whistles on its devices. Source: Sammobile

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