Galaxy S3 sudden death – Samsung knows

A little while back we reported the issue many of the Samsung Galaxy owners were facing. The regarding issue was a horrifying one to say the least, users were finding their beloved Samsung Galaxy S3’ dead for no apparent reason. Many were reporting the issue over at the XDA forums and even had dedicated threads. The threads read like a horror story to the existing Galaxy S3 owners, even me who had bought the shiny new device was a bit scared. The forum thread has now more than hundred pages suggesting that the Sudden Death epidemic is not slowing down. Some “experts” suggested the horrifying possibility that the issue at hand might be with the hardware of the otherwise stellar smartphone. Leading us to believe that there might not be a fix. To be honest fixing a glitch which causes the motherboard to short out is kind of hard by a firmware update. Having been subjected to the horror or of finding my Galaxy S3 suddenly dead was very depressing. Fortunately that is not the case. According to, Samsung has knowledge about the sudden death syndrome and is working on a possible fix. Just like we predicted, Samsung won’t leave its most profitable product to the winds just like that. A Samsung representative is said to have confirmed that the sudden death issue is not a myth and does actually exists, but only with the 16 GB models of the phone. Congratulations to those who shelled out extra and bought the 32 GB version then. The rep also stated that a possible fix is on its way, the fix will be induced via a firmware update. No exact time or date was given as of when the solution will be released. The issue is more reported in the international version of the device and the dual core US devices are somewhat safe from the sudden death syndrome. Unfortunately for me and everyone who bought the international version, which as a matter of fast has sold considerably more. We will keep you posted on further developments, until then cherish your Galaxy S3. Source: XDA Forums, Tweakers

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