Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad

The latest Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad continues the father and baby theme from the “Swaddle Master” clip. And predictably, it’s just as cute.

With Father’s Day upon us, Samsung seems to want to capitalize on the popular holiday by working on your emotional side. The new ad, called “Quick Snooze” is shorter than the previous one, clocking at a little over 30 seconds, and starring the same two characters, having some “men only” time and watching the basketball game highlights on the father’s Samsung Galaxy S4.

Proving that a whole day spent taking care of your son is pretty hard work, dad snoozes from time to time, which is a great opportunity for the Galaxy S4′s Smart Pause feature to take over.

This isn’t the first time Samsung uses the same theme across consecutive ads. As you may remember, the “Pool Party” ad was continued in a few other videos, each showcasing various features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s safe to expect that, with Father’s Day coming in a week, the same will happen this time around.

What do you think about Samsung’s new TV ad?

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Via: Android Authority

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