Galaxy S4 to have Touchless Gesture Controls

As the inevitable release of the most awaited smartphone is coming nearer, the rumor mills are churning out unique and interesting ideas. Last week we saw a very attractive Galaxy S4 render, and now we have a rumor that makes the Galaxy S4 all the more amazing. The latest rumor states that the flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer will feature “Touchless Gesture Controls”. As we all know that smartphone only attract the new crowd if they present something unique and progress the technology, otherwise people will just keep using the previous model. We have seen this happen with the iPhone 5, and we suspect Samsung will do everything in its power not to repeat the same fate. The thought of Samsung Galaxy S4 to have Touchless gesture controls may seem otherworldly to many, but it is much closer to reality than it was a few years back. We have already seen Samsung implement the tech with Galaxy Note 2’s S-Pen functionality. Users can interact with their SGN2 by hovering the S-Pen over the display, without even touching the device. We all know that Samsung spends a hefty amount of its money on research and development, and it is entirely plausible that the company has figured out a way to incorporate the amazing feature. Samsung is already reportedly working with Atmel’s latest maXTouch S controllers, which in laymen terms; make the Touchless gesture controls a reality. We have already seen the idea being implemented on the Pentech Vita, but the device used the front facing camera to accomplish the job, making the battery drain really fast. Samsung however will never jeopardize the battery timings of its devices. If truth be told, we are pretty excited about the prospect of a smartphone with this level of usability. Any smartphone which makes us feel like Tom Cruise from Minority Report is a great phone, in our books at least. We will have to wait and see what Samsung has in store for us, but don’t get your hopes too high.

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