Gamelion Studios drops Monster Shooter into the Android Market


If you like your Android games full of action with a dash of some good old ultra-violence you’re in luck as Gamelion Studios just dropped a violent little game called Monster Shooter. You’re an Alien named DumDum who just wants his cat back and you’re going to get that little kitty back from the evil Aliens by any means necessary even if you have to use a Nuke… Monster Shooter is a dual-stick shoot em’ up that puts your reflexes to the test across its many levels and bloody worlds. If you’ve ever played a dual-stick shooter you’ll have no trouble getting right down to business taking out the aliens. There are several different types of enemies and you’ll get to take them out with 8 different weapons and other ordinances like Grenades & Nukes. Let’s not forget the game has a tender storyline about an alien and his beloved cat; that story is quite the tale as it takes you across 30 levels on three different planets.


Monster Shooter looks great and is one of those games that’s difficult to put down once you get going with it. The game has plenty of weapons, enemies and will douse your screen with a nice amount of blood & gore. If you’re like me and like your shooters down and dirty you should head right on over to the market and pick this bad boy up now. You can get Gamelion Studios Monster Shooter for free in the Android market.

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