If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice that Gameloft has the Motorola XT862 Droid 3 listed as a possible phone model choice. By now, there are enough rumors and leaks to know that the Motorola Droid 3 is going to launch on Verizon Wireless soon, but the fact that Gameloft now has the Droid 3 as an option is a good indicator that the Droid 3 should drop sometime in the coming weeks. As graduation gifts or back to school items, the summer months are typically good selling months for technology, and Verizon would do well to get the Droid 3 out the door as soon as possible. According to Droid-Life, they have been hearing some whispers of a July 7th launch date for the Droid 3. Since they decided to report on this rumor, they must have enough confidence in their source. No word on pricing rumors for the Droid 3 running a dual-core OMAP processor, 4 inch qHD screen, and a 5 row slider QWERTY keyboard. If I had to guess, I would pin the price at $199 on a two year contract.

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