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Gameloft Outs Eternal Legacy Android Game, RPG ala-Final Fantasy

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For RPG fanatics like me, the lack of Final Fantasy game for Android and its presence in the iPhone is probably a subject of envy. As of this writing, there are already three Final Fantasy games available for iPhone – still none for Android. And we don’t know for sure when Square will finally noticed the growing number of Android RPG fans, but hopefully soon. But in the meantime, Gameloft is giving as a viable alternative by way of their new game called Eternal Legacy. Eternal Legacy will surely please Final Fantasy series fans as the game looks and plays a lot like it. From the “block” renderings of the game characters to the 3D environment of the game and even some monsters and character appearance, Eternal Legacy will definitely remind you of the most salient features of several Final Fantasy games. Eternal Legacy Android game also boasts of other nice features, including – free exploration of the game’s real-time rendered full 3D environment with 360° camera, mix of fantasy and sci-fight using swords or guns, robots, magics, flying ship and other good RPG stuff.  The game’s fighting system is equally interesting as well. It’s a dynamic turn-based fighting system that lets you preset your attacks. The game also lets you employ 3 characters during a battle and gives you 8 characters all in all. I can’t wait to download this game on my Nexus One. Yes, you read it right, the game works on most Android devices and not specific to the Xperia Play.  Eternal Legacy is available now from Gameloft. Sorry folks, it’s nowhere to be found on the Android Market.