Gameloft releases Ice Age Village the Android Game


If you’re a fan of the Ice Age Movies you’re in for a treat as Gameloft has just released the Ice Age Village game for Android. The new game ties into the upcoming movie Ice Age Continental Drift, and puts you to work building a village with Diego, Sid, Manny, and all the rest of the characters you know and love from the Ice Age films. The game also happens to be one of the best village building games we’ve ever seen, and it’s a blast to play. Ice Age Village follows the tried and true town building formula that most building games use. You’ll complete tasks to earn gold, and then use that gold to upgrade your village. You’ll get to buy habitats for your animals, decorations, and entertainment like movie theaters and mud baths. The movie theater actually plays movies which is extremely cool especially if you’re a fan of the movies and Scrat. The game also has side missions, mini games, and a lot of other hidden surprises.


Town building games really aren’t my forte, but I must admit I’m hooked on Ice Age Village. It’s by far the best looking building game you’ll see, and it screams polish from the first time you fire up the game. Ice Age Village is a great way to tie-in to the new Ice Ace Continental Drift movie that’s due out this summer, and they really did a great job with the game as a whole. We will definitely do a full review of this little gem, until them I highly recommend you check the game out for yourself. You can pick up Gameloft’s Ice Age Village on Google Play for free.  

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