Gameloft releases Men In Black 3 for Android

A summer blockbuster arrives in theaters this weekend with the new Men in Black movie, and as expected Gameloft has just released their Men in Black 3 game. I have no doubt that the movie will be awesome, but as well all know sometimes movie tie-in games just don’t measure up. Gameloft’s Men in Black 3 game lets you play as a new Agent in the MiB universe, and it follows the events of the upcoming movie which means you’ll play in 1969 and present day thanks to a time machine. You’ll also get to run your own MIB agency which means you’ll get to build all sorts of cool structures and facilities. Just browsing the building menu I noticed an Armory, Danger Room, Boxing Gym, Detention Cells, Hangars along with several different types of shops and decorations. You progress through the storyline by doing missions or tasks which can include anything from finding a suspect to fighting an alien in the street. I’ve already killed a half dozen bad guys; there’s not much to the battles, but you can call for backup every so often. In case you’re wondering you also get to use the Neuralyzer and the Noisy Cricket.


I haven’t spent much time with the Men in Black 3 game yet, but I learned a few things fairly quickly. It’s a good looking game, just like Ice Age Village; Gameloft did a great job with the graphics and with the world of MIB in general. The other thing I noticed is something you probably already expected… the in-app purchases. The expensive currency is known as a “T-Pulse” and they’re used to buy some of the best gear in the game. The prices range from $2.00 for 20 to $100 for 1,300 which is really nothing new to be honest. If you’re into building games or are a fan of the movies you’ll probably want to pick this one up. You can get Gameloft’s Men in Black 3 game on Google Play for free.

Men in Black 3

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