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Gameloft releases Shark Dash for Android

by On

Gameloft has been releasing a slew of games lately, and they just dropped another new title called Shark Dash. As shocking as it may seem this is the group’s first attempt at a physics-based flinger, and hopefully not their last as Shark Dash is full of good old fashioned physics-based fun.  Shark Dash is the tale of Sharkee and his little band of toy sharks that live in a bathtub. They were a peaceful group of Sharks until the rubber ducky’s came along and ruined it all by kidnapping Sharkee’s girl Sally. Your job is to get Sally back by flinging yourself at the ducks while trying to collect all the coins in each level. You won’t have to do it alone though as you’ll get help from Sharkee’s friends like Scuby who takes out the sneaky ducks and Hammy who has a special jump slash skill. Shark Dash takes you through 96 levels that cover 4 different environments ranging from ancient Rome to Japan.  The game also has plenty of achievements, and lets you change up your Sharks appearances a bit with Shark skins purchased from the shop.


I haven’t played this one yet, but it looks good and Gameloft has been putting out some great games lately. With almost 100 levels you’re going to have plenty of depth, and the ability to change your sharks appearance through skins is a nice touch as well. There isn’t a free version of Shark Dash available at this time, but the full version will only set you back $0.99. If you’re in the mood to fling a few Sharks around you can pick up Gameloft’s Shark Dash on Google Play.