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Gameloft Releases The Avengers Mobile Game for Android

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Well we knew an Avengers game was coming from Gameloft, and it looks like it’s finally here. The Avengers the Mobile Game is live on Gameloft’s website, and it’s not quite was I was expecting as they went old school instead of new school. The Avengers lets you play as different members of the team including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk. It follows the events of the upcoming movie and lets you take on Loki in richly detailed environments (their words not mine) with exciting gameplay based on an extensive battle system. There game has two modes of play with Campaign and Mission mode, but I’m unsure how many levels there at this time. We’ve seen several movie tie-in games, and Gameloft really knocked it out of the park with TinTin so how does The Avengers look? Well, as you can see from the screenshots they went with a retro look instead over modern. Not a bad look at all, but I would have been cool to see what a hi-def version would’ve looked like considering what they did with TinTin and Ice Age Village.


The Avengers Mobile Game isn’t on Google Play yet, but you can check it out on Gameloft’s site under the Mobile Games tab – Top mobile games to if you’ve got the right device. I tried to select several different devices from Gameloft’s expansive list, but was told my Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Transformer 300 weren’t compatible. We’ll let you know when/if it goes live in the market, and we plan on taking a more in-depth look at the game this week.