Gameloft Strikes Again with Shadow Guardian for Android

Gaming powerhouse Gameloft has been quite the busy little bee lately. Over the past two weeks we’ve gotten BackStab, Eternal Legacy, Starfront: Collision, Fast Five (the movie) game, and now Shadow Guardian. It will probably get it’s own review later, but here’s a brief rundown… Your play Jason Call, a former soldier turned journalist whose trying to stop some mercenaries from stealing a powerful relic. The gameplay looks similar to Uncharted, or the old classic Tomb Raider. The graphics look great from the screenshots, and I’m sure there will be a lot of environments to explore. I hear the battles are pretty slick too, so I’m anxious to get in there and see what this game is all about. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information out on Shadow Guardian right now; it just went live on the Gamelofts site this afternoon. I’ll have a full review up once I can get it downloaded, and spend a little time with it.

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