Gameloft teases Modern Combat 5 with new trailer

Gameloft's new title, Modern Combat 5.

Another year, another Modern Combat version, this time set in Europe. Mobile app developer Gameloft released a teaser trailer today for Modern Combat 5, the latest entry in the company’s ever-popular first-person shooter series. From the looks of the video, players will have an entirely new environment in which to cause carnage: the quiet canals and sleepy cafes of an ancient Italian city.

Graphical fidelity has always been a focus of Modern Combat, and the newest addition to the franchise doesn’t disappoint. The dynamic lighting, shadows, and high-resolution textures look particularly pretty. Of course, a high-end device will probably be required to play the game at maximum graphics settings, and the quality doesn’t yet match current-gen consoles. However, Modern Combat 5 is probably the closest thing to Call of Duty on a smartphone.

Gameloft promised more Modern Combat 5 info at E3, but did announce the game will be available for iOS and Android devices when it launches. We’ll be bringing you more coverage in the coming week, so stay tuned!

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Via: Android Authority

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