Well, we knew The Dark Knight Rises was due out today and here it is although it’s a bitter-sweet release all around due to the tragedy this morning in Colorodo at showing of the movie. Before I even talk about something trivial as an Android game, I’d like to say my heart and prayers go out to the people and families of those affected by the tragic shooting in Colorodo. As bizarre as this is to do right now all things considered, here’s a look a Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises for Android. The Dark Knight Rises follows the new movie and takes place eight years after Batman left Gotham; now he’s back and he has to deal with the menace of Bane. You’ll take on dozens of missions as well as random events including jail breaks, and car chases; when you couple that with Batman’s special method of ass-kicking you’ve got yourself one slick game. Wondering about Batman’s tools? You’ll get to use the Grappel gun, Batarang, and when those won’t do it you’ll get to pilot the Bat-Pod and The Bat.


I haven’t tried this one out yet as it’s pretty obvious from my opening I’m not in the mood for it now, but I can without a doubt promise you that it’s going to be an awesome game. If you’ve played any of Gameloft’s recent movie tie-in games you know how good they can be so expect nothing less than greatness from The Dark Knight Rises. I will check this one out over the weekend, and return next week for a full review of the ass-kickery that is Gameloft’s Dark Knight Rises. If you want to give it a go now, you can head on over to Google Play and pick it up for $6.99. Another game launched in conjunction with the Dark Knight Rises, is the new slots game available at Ladbrokes. This is playable on any mobile device by either downloading the Ladbrokes app or playing in your browser at www.ladbrokes.com. With a minimum jackpot of £1 million available, its surely worth a go.

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