iron.man3-androidGood old Shellhead is back. Gameloft released Iron Man 3 in the wee hours of the morning, and we finally get to see their take on another Superhero. They knocked it out of the park with Batman & Spiderman, so how does Iron Man 3 game stack up? Read on to find out…iron.man3 The Iron Man 3 game will impress you from the first time you fire it up and see the suit in all it’s 3D glory. Once you hit the start button it’s “game on” as you’re immediately thrown into the suit and blast off at full speed. I guess you could classify Iron Man 3 as an Endless Flyer; you’ll tilt your device to steer the suit which allows you to pick up power-ups and avoid obstacles. Firing your weapons is done by swiping across enemies or simply tapping them. Iron Man 3 may fall into the “runner” genre, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the depth department. The game lets you soar through several different locations, and you’ll even get to take on some famous villains like the Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, and M.O.D.O.K. which is pretty insane if you actually know who M.O.D.O.K. is. Let’s not forget about the suits. The Iron Man 3 game lets you gear up in 18 different suits including the Silver Centurion and Mark 42. The suits are upgradable as well, so there looks to be plenty to do and unlock in the world of Tony Gameloft has put out another visually impressive title with Iron Man 3, but there are a lot of IAP’s and there are some timers to contend with as well. I haven’t played enough to decide how bad the in-app purchasing setup is yet, but the timers are interesting as you have to wait for your suit to be repaired before heading back out to battle. We’ll be back with a full review of this one in a few days, until then I highly advise you to check it out as it’s definitely a cool game regardless of the IAP’s.  You can pick up Gameloft’s Official Iron Man 3 game for free on Google Play.

Iron Man 3

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