Gameloft’s My Little Pony Gallops onto Google Play

Fans of My Little Pony can rest easy as it as Gameloft finally released their highly anticipated My Little Pony game for Android. The new Pony’s may look different from the originals, but they are just as popular today as they where in the 80s. The My Little Pony game should go over well with fans from either generation as it’s one of the slickest looking building games I’ve seen in some time. My Little Pony the game puts you to work helping Twilight Sparkle & friends save Ponyville, and you’ll do this by rebuilding the town to be the best Ponyville it can be. Not only do you get to build, but you’ll also get to take on quests and play mini-games like Ball Bounce, Apple-picking (horses love apples), and Magic Wings. I begrudgingly played through My Little Pony’s first few tasks and the gameplay is just like every other building game as you build things, take on tasks, level up… rinse and repeat. There are a lot of things to build, and they use the official TV show voice talent for the ponies so it’s pretty safe to say if you love the show you’re going to lose countless hours of your life to the game. I’ll start by saying I wasn’t a fan of My Little Pony in the 80s, and nothing’s changed. They hogged up half the space at the toy store and now the little buggers are everywhere all over again. That being said, I have to take my hat off to Gameloft as they’ve done an outstanding job putting this one together. The game oozes polish and the nailed the world of Ponyville dead on from what I’ve seen. Expect this to be an extremely popular game, and expect a full review by the end of the week. If you’re ready to party down in Pony Town you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Gameloft’s My Little Pony for free.

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