BlueStacks GamePop

Remember the newest Android-based gaming console that we told you about earlier this month called Gamepop from BlueStacks? It’s still being sold in a pre-order basis, and as mentioned in our earlier report, it is still free as long as you purchase a year-long monthly subscription. Now, BlueStacks has revealed how much it plans to charge for the GamePop after its free promo offer finally ends next month.

The get-your-free-unit-with-a-monthly-subscription promo that BlueStacks is doing for the GamePop is scheduled to run right until the end of June. Buyers will be able to get themselves a GamePop without having to pay for the unit itself simply by paying an entire year’s worth of monthly subscription fees that cost $6.99 per month — about $84 USD in total. When the promo ends, the GamePop will then be sold separately: at $129 a piece.

According to BlueStacks VP of marketing and business development John Gargiulo, the Gamepop is “much better” than what people might expect, with the use of “new control paradigms that have recently been made possible.” The console, which is said to be on track for a Winter 2013 release, will support not just Android devices as controllers, but iPhones and possibly other iOS-powered devices as well.

BlueStacks also announced that it has already signed partnership deals with COM2US, the largest game developer in Korea, as well as Intellijoy and education developers with offerings that are currently present in Google Play.

There may yet be a future for a product such as the GamePop. At the very least, it looks very promising. Do you agree or disagree? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

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Via: Android Authority

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