TeePee Games is a name you might not recognize, but they do have a new social website coming out next year in gamesGRABR that aims to help gamers create, discover, and manage their game-based collections. gamesGRABR is a social network for gamers, by gamers that lets you build up your gaming collection online for other folks to checkout. The Pinterest style website will let you “grab” video game related content from across the web using the sites unique “GRABit” button to build your collection. You’ll be able to follow people with collections you like, find games with similar interests, and share your video game collection with the world. There will be an Android app as well which will let you access your collection on the go and add to it by using a barcode scanner from your smartphone. gamesGRABR certainly sounds interesting as it basically seems like a Facebook/Pinterest hybrid that’s geared towards gamers. Personally, I detest Facebook but a similar site just for gamers would definitely get more than a passing glance from me. gamesGRABR doesn’t go live until sometime in Q1 of 2013, but you can preview the site now at the link below where you can also sign up for a chance to win a Wii U or iPad mini.


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