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Games You should be Playing: Shapes & Sound The Shape Shooter

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It’s always refreshing to see something new on Android and Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is just that. It may have an awkward name, but the game is awesome and it’s one of the coolest minimalistic shooters you’re likely to play. Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is an oddball of a game, and I mean that in the nicest way. It’s a stationary shooter of sorts that has you shoot shapes at other shapes as they come towards you. You’ll want to absorb like shapes, but shoot any shapes that aren’t like yours. Sounds simple no? The kicker is that you can swipe the screen to switch “your” shape from a circle to a square or triangle which makes things much more interesting and a whole lotta’ fun. Shapes & Sound has no need for hundreds of levels or fancy extras, but you will get a highscore table and some achievements to shoot for. I’d been hearing about Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter since was released late last month and boy am I glad I finally got around to trying it. It’s as cool as the other side of the pillow and it’s one of the more unique games you’ll find in the labyrinth known as Google Play. I could have described the game in more detail, but I really want you to be just as surprised as I was when I first fired up the game. There’s no free version available at this time, but the game is a steal at only $0.99. You can pick up ARRG Studios Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter on Google Play or the Amazon App store.

Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter