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Gamevil releases Chicken Revolution for Android

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The revolution has begun… the Chicken Revolution that is. Your chickens have grown tired of being caged and you’ll have to stop them from flying the coup in Gamevil’s quirky new Android game Chicken Revolution. Chicken Revolution is a tower fence defense game of sorts where you’ll need to defend the fence and keep the chickens in the coop. These are no ordinary chicken though as these feathered fiends are wielding bats and other implements of destruction. Top stop them you simply need to touch a weapons then a chicken, but it’s a little more difficult than it sounds. You’ll get quite a few weapons to battle the chickens with including tomatoes, lightning, egg bombs, and even the farms family dog. You can also spruce up the fence to the coop, and as is the norm these days you can purchase gold to get a jump on things if you don’t want to earn it by playing through the game.


Even though we’ve seen this style of game in many different forms lately (Garfield Defense) it’s a popular way to go and Gamevil has done a good job with Chicken Revolution. The graphics are slick, and it’s pretty funny watching the chickens get knocked on their butt… until they get back up and chuck a banana at the fence that is. If you think you’ve got what it takes to put the chickens in their place or are at least ready to try you can pick up Chicken Revolution from Gamevil for free on Google Play.